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There is one thing we are truly proud of: being able to produce our traditional specialities on a large scale, helping to spread the gastronomic culture and flavours of our land. In order to do this, we have upgraded our facilities, creating a cutting-edge plant and embracing the “Industry 4.0” plan, automating processes and raising quality standards, particularly by eliminating product contamination risks and bringing technological innovation to all the work areas. This allows us to ensure maximum production capacity and a very high uniformity of production, in terms of both size and quality.
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Quality and controls are of the utmost importance in our company. The meat comes only from certified EU slaughterhouses, guaranteeing total traceability of the final product. Organoleptic checks and tests are entrusted to highly specialised in-house technical staff. Comal also requires a double cross-check, commissioning additional analyses from external laboratories recognised by the Italian Ministry of Health to ensure that Comal-branded cured meats served in Italy are 100% guaranteed.

This is the foundation, but we have gone further: the real challenge is research, to create healthy, good and suitable products for everyone. Which is why our cured meats are all gluten free. Because when we like something we want to share it with as many people as possible.